Family House Refurbishment

Begur, Girona

Year: 2014

Client: Particular

The work consisted of a complete rehabilitation of brand new family house. The existing building was subdivided into many spaces in an irregular enclosed and opaque volume with multiple windows of different sizes. The project goal was to achieve a single large multifunctional space with maximum transparency and views of the Mediterranean. All interior partitions and even the entire perimeter of the existing facade was demolished and replaced by a glass skin. A large concrete canopy 30 meters long is designed to unify all the volume and establish an efficient solar radiation protection.

The study of constructive solutions with MANO Architecture allowed solve the many details to achieve the most polished and elegant result possible.

Besides the work had to be done in 6 months, so there were more than 70 people simultaneously involved in the picks workdays.

Construction: THK Construcciones, Simetric

Project: MANO arquitectura – Sebastián Machado

Coutain wall: Plantalech – Vitrocsa

Interior millwork: Josep Coma

Photography: Jordi Carbonell