Proyecto: MANO arquitectura - Fotografía: Pol Viladoms

Año: 2016

The work involves the rehabilitation of a two stories home built in 1930 in Sarrià. The building was organized into two independent houses, one on each floor. The project is the realization of a single house by night-day division on each floor. All “public” rooms of the house in one large ground floor space (hall, distributor, living room, and kitchen) with a small service area in the back next to the border with neighbors (garage, laundry, toilet and a service room) and all bedrooms, bathrooms and a small family room on the top floor. The large ground floor “public” space leverages the south east of housing orientation and connects to the garden through a large folding and sliding oak frame window, which can literally disappear to leave a complete exterior – interior connection. Highlights in this large opening is the using of a plywood portico formed by of 30×30 cm. columns and a large beam 60×30 cm section. The warmth of wood is also found inside the large “public” space by means of two large beams around the new staircase that even keeps the same material  in its structure, steps and railing. The rest of the finishes of the “public” space arises very neutral manner with a polished concrete floor, an envelope of white walls, and a ceiling showing de slab structure of Catalan vaults and metal beams. Finally, another great characteristic element of space is the kitchen, which raises the island as a large white Neolith table flanked by an oak bar. All doors are also white. On the back wall highlights the adjacent body in which a gap has been left covered in oak between the white doors of each module.

Contractor: THK Construcciones
Project: MANO Arquitectura
Photography: Pol Viladoms