Our work of transforming an old factory in Molins de Rei Shopping Center is already an urban reference in the city


From the works completed in the first half of 2017, the Commercial Center of Molins de Rei is the most attractive, not only for the quality of finishes with a very small budget, but because it has been revealed as a contribution to the city.
Since the transformation of the Pati de Palau into a park a few years ago, the situation of this old disused textile factory had become privileged, which is why the project had great potential. Well, just opening the dining rooms and their terraces, the space has been filled with life.
The intervention designed by MANO architecture has basically been to demolish and adapt the general structure to the new commercial use, renovation of the envelope – façades and roof – enlargement of the openings to give greater permeability to the main façade and provision of services and facilities suitable to the program requirements.

THK_Molins07THK_Molins05BTHK_Molins de Rei estado actual