Hossegor Surf School, France

Año: 2015

Cliente: HURLEY

In a record time of one week in mid-June 2015, we performed the assembly of an ephemeral building to the HURLEY SCHOOL SURF. The scenery is absolutely spectacular on the Hossegor beach at France Aquitaine.

The building should have the ability to be dismantled at the end of the season, store and reassemble for the next. It has opted for a modular construction of porches and wooden battens with screwless “cola Milano” joints. With the same objective, for the foundation we have used the Poliedre system, because it met perfectly the requirements of transport, quick assembly, easy to install only with a pneumatic drill and also the possibility of  dismantling the end of the season. Thanks to the planning and the chosen systems we are very proud because we met the requirements of our client in half the expected time.

In this work we have collaborated with MANO Arquitectura, FUSTAKIA and PILOEDRE.THK_hchp_12_nTHK_hchp_21_nTHK_hchp_31_nTHK_hchp_41_nTHK_hchp_51_nTHK_hchp_61_nTHK_hchp_71_nTHK_hchp_81_nTHK_hchp_91_nTHK_hchp_103_nTHK_hchp_121_n THK_hchp_112_n